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A few hours ago you knew nothing about the internet, and you just made a joke about Twitter.

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Ten pictures that will make you love advertising

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"I’m such a child."

Happy 43rd Birthday, DT [18.04.1971]

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Picspams: Merlin + Green

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My people are starving. Camelot is on the verge of collapse…And it is all my doing. 

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when the teacher asks you to answer the question because you weren’t paying attention but you know the answer


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He’s like, “We were prepared for everything except the goddamn poodles.”

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I saw this before and IT GOT BETTER.

I need one.

This is pretty much the best thing ever.

I NEED ONE TOO!!! oh god TTvTT

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I’ve always had this really gross, dangerous mentality of no consideration of failure. Just never even considering the thought of failing. Like, if I want something I just go until I get it.

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So… Mary Watson. Who are you?

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Sam Claflin at the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

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